About amaretta™

Although, a single amaretta™ microfibre is 4,000 times finer than a human hair, the non-woven fabric exhibits a great tear resistance and is highly durable.

The numerous ways of treating the surface and adjusting the physical properties make amaretta™ suitable for a wide range of applications covering design and technical uses.

Different surfaces can be produced by napping and brushing processes giving the fabric a particular look. Printing, embossing, perforating and laminating even broader the range of use cases.

amaretta™ can be dyed to take on practically any colour, everything from vivid saturated hues to flatteringly warm natural tones. This innovative microfibre puts the finishing touches on the most cutting-edge devices, turning them into individual and fashionable accessories for successful cosmopolitans.


amaretta™ Nubuck has been certified with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

7 wonders of amaretta™

What you feel is a silky, velvet-like-soft fabric experience with unsurpassed lightness. What you see is a fascinating freshness, refined elegance and attractive versatility. All of this together with comfort at the highest level.

1: Light and beautiful

Thanks to its super light weight, amaretta™ is extremely pleasant to wear. The silky, velvety touch of the suede types make it most suitable for applications where a luxurious appearance is required. Grain-type amaretta™ gives an elegant look to accessories or furniture.

2: Washable

A unique advantage is that amaretta™ can be put in a washing machine as a delicate fabric using the appropriate detergent at up to 30° C.

If the washability has been restricted, for example, by a lining that cannot be washed, then dry cleaning will give the best results as well.

3: Travel proof

Creases from being sat upon or from being crushed in a suitcase vanish without leaving any traces.

4: Breathable

The complex spun fleece structure of amaretta™ microfibres makes the transfer of air extremely efficient. Normally you do not feel sweaty when wearing amaretta™.

5: Weather-resistance

As opposed to other materials, light rain has no negative effects at all. Being wind resistant on the one hand and water repellant on the other hand, water spots vanish and leave no trace after a light rubbing or brushing. amaretta™ does not become stiff but always remains elastic and soft.

6: Longevity

Despite the extraordinary fineness of amaretta™, the material has an unsurpassed durability, does not tear, and does not become brittle.

7: Consistent quality

Our certified quality control system guarantees for consistency and highest quality. Being a man-made leather produced “on a roll”, our products promise highest yields, an uniform appearance and texture.

The following amaretta™ qualities are part of our stock service:

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