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Manufacturing & Innovation

Clarino’s™ commitment to innovation, sustainability and quality has paved the way for new manufacturing techniques and a greener production.

The secret to Clarino’s™ superior strength and supple hand-feel is the ultra-fine fibre technology. The material is composed of a non-woven fabric consisting of ultra-fine fibres which are impregnated with polyurethane. This helps the fibre to be more flexible and easier to process.

The spinning process creates an islands-in-the-sea structure. The fibres are known as islands and the matrix is the sea. This islands-in-the-sea-structure is one type of two-component fibre whereby many fibres of one polymer are dispersed in the matrix of another polymer.

Responsible innovation.

Clarino™ fibres are more flexible and move freely within the spaces of the fabric matrix. The result is greater suppleness and unparalleled softness!

Our man-made leathers contain microfibres as fine as 0.004 dr or less to imitate collagen fibre bundles, thereby attaining the soft feel and appearance essential for soft leather use.

The high-end manufacturing process allows for state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, high durability and unsurpassed quality consistency to provide our customers with both unmatched luxury and the finest technology.

Thanks to the very fine structures of the microfibre, it can be treated with traditional finishing methods used by tanneries. Due to various finishes and treatments, unique and exclusive surface structures can be created. Furthermore, Clarino™ products can be perforated, embossed, printed, laminated and dyed in almost any colour, giving plenty of scope for creativity.

BenefitsClarino™ is the sustainable and practical alternative to leather.

Clarino combines many advantages of leather to offer quality and beauty at the highest level. What you feel is a silky, velvet-like-soft fabric experience with unsurpassed lightness. What you see is a fascinating freshness, refined elegance and attractive versatility.

Thanks to its super lightweight, Clarino™ is extremely pleasant to wear. The silky, velvety touch of the suede types make it most suitable for applications where a luxurious appearance is required. Grain-type Clarino™ gives an elegant look to accessories or furniture.

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