Clarino™ is manufactured to provide consistent performance, durability and luxury for your application.

Bags & Suitcases

Clarino™ provides a wonderful luxurious texture and extraordinary fineness for bags and suitcases. Clarino™ offers the ideal solution whether used as upper material, lining or small decorative parts.

It is water repellant and leaves no trace after a light rubbing or brushing. Clarino™ does not become stiff but always remains elastic and soft. For bags, the Clarino™ microfibre is the inspiring and efficient alternative to genuine leather which delivers the highest performance and variety and gives a sublime look.

For lining, amaretta™ will surprise you with its unexpected super-soft touch and wide colour range. In addition its physical properties have been adjusted to meet the requirements of luxury brands while the dye house easily matches your target colour.

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