Clarino’s mission is to produce durable, high quality products that go hand in hand with the understanding of sustainability. Clarino™ wants to abolish wasteful practices and toxic materials and protect workers and the environment. That is why Clarino™ is committed to continuing to commit to research and invest in the future, in order to offer the market sustainable alternatives with innovative design. Although development and production cycles are becoming faster, Clarino™ is the first to produce a highly exclusive material based on 100% recycled nylon fibre. Closely following the launch of the recycled nylon range, starting with Eco RX8060, Clarino™ is already in the development phase of more green products. The next phase includes the launch of a range of waterborne suede and coated products using the optimal blend of post-consumer recycled polyester fibres. Beyond this Clarino will move direction of using several bio-based raw materials.

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