In recent years, the fashion industry has evolved and is in a constant state of change. And while one trend or another comes and goes quickly, one megatrend has remained constant over the past decades: Sustainability.

Studies show that the global textile and clothing industry is responsible for the consumption of billions of cubic metres of water and millions of tons of CO2 emissions and waste per year. This realisation has changed consumer preferences and led to a significant shift in the buying habits of end customers and their demands on the fashion industry. This step in a different direction also meant that members of the market had to adapt their offers to the new desires and demands of the consumers. The Clarino™ business of Kuraray Co., Ltd perfectly positioned itself to support the market with its’ expanding range of greener products.

Clarino™’s approach to sustainability.

For several years, the brand has made it their responsibility to develop luxury, high quality products that meet the requests for more sustainable materials and play their part in helping to save the environment for future generations. Just as the sustainability megatrend started decades ago, Clarino has also begun its transformation to a greener tomorrow. From 2008, the first step towards sustainability was taken when Kuraray developed and commissioned a new CATS (Clarino Advanced Technology System) plant for the waterborne production of nonwoven microfibres. Tirrenina, the world’s first microfibre manufactured without organic solvents, was launched in 2009, making Clarino™ a pioneer in this field. Today the CATS plant is also used to manufacture the waterborne products Clarino™ Suede and Clarino™ Crust.

As sustainability is the new normal in today’s society and therefore much more than just a trend, Clarino™ has made it its mission to develop and produce more green materials. In 2020, Clarino has launched its first product of the new “Sustainable Collection” – our new recycled nylon Eco RX8060 – which is just the beginning of a wide range of sustainable products. With Eco RX8060, Clarino™ is the first brand to produce a highly exclusive material based on 100% recycled nylon fibre.

Eco RX 8060

What happens next?

But this is just the beginning – we are positioning Clarino™ for a future where sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, by continuing to do we do best: We develop high-quality, sustainable products.

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