Going in line with Kuraray’s aim to provide unique, innovative products that help find solutions to global challenges and improve the quality of life, Clarino™ takes its social and environmental responsibility seriously.

Clarino™ fabrics are produced without fluorinated hydrocarbons and do not contain any environmentally harmful additives.

In order to achieve our sustainability targets, especially the new production lines focus strongly on the environmental impact.

Against this background, the manufacturing process of Tirrenina™ and Clarino™ Crust is characterized by:

  • no use of organic solvents (DMF)
  • a reduced usage of water by 70%
  • lower CO2 emissions by 35%
  • low PU content

To prove Clarino’s™ globally sustainable awareness of the responsible use of chemicals and to provide our customers with more transparent supplier relationships, we successfully applied for the Standard 100 by OEKE-TEX. Tirrenina™ Nubuck received the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate in January 2018.