It’s World Environment Day, an annual event dedicated to promoting global awareness of, and encouraging action on, environmental issues. With climate change, one of the most pressing matters facing humankind this day, is a worldwide reminder that on every level, from individuals to large corporations, we all have responsibility in the mission to protect our planet.

Addressing the climate crisis

Every year on 5 June, individuals, governments and communities and companies come together – and this year is no different. Several issues that stem from the rise of fast fashion require global action, such as water pollution, water usage, and the depletion of natural resources. It’s no surprise that the event is urgently pushing the need to cut greenhouse gas levels – according to the United Nations, CO2 emissions will need to halve by 2030 to avoid temperature rises of 2.7°C and above by the end of the century, and the cost of climate adaptation in developing nations is now estimated to be $500 billion a year.[1]

Taking responsibility

At Clarino, we understand the importance of sustainability and the need to develop innovative solutions that will improve the natural environment. Our mid-term management plan, ‘PASSION 2026’, was designed to put this understanding into action, setting out the specific goals of:

  1. Reinforcing sustainability management
  2. Initiatives to achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2050

Aside from setting ambitious goals, we’re also taking concrete action, right now. Our initiatives include the use of eco-friendly materials, reducing water usage, and implementing sustainable manufacturing systems to reduce waste. Adopting sustainable practices throughout our manufacturing processes is crucial to creating a positive impact on the environment.

There’s also a lot we can do as individuals – conserving energy, choosing sustainable brands and materials and avoiding fast fashion are all great ways for us all to reduce our environmental impact. Making conscious choices and advocating for sustainability is key in promoting a more sustainable future.

Sustainability through innovation

As a manufacturer with years of knowledge and experience, we are able to create sustainable innovations for the good of the planet. In 2006, Clarino pioneered with our water-based production process, which reduces water consumption and CO2 emissions in the manufacturing of man-made leathers. Today, we use up to 100% recycled fibres for our sustainable collection, and our premium microfibers contain up to 60% recycled polyamide (PA) or 90% recycled polyester (PES). And we are not done – currently, we’re developing mono-materials based on up to 100% recycled feedstock, and are planning to use bio-based resources wherever possible in the future.

World Environment Day brings billions of us together to focus attention sharply for just 24 hours on protecting our planet. Get in touch with our team at to learn more about CLARINO™, and find out more about how we contribute to environmental preservation for the longer term.




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