Clarino™ products convince with a multitude of properties, which we would like to introduce to you one by one.

Exclusive aesthetics

The first feature that makes Clarino products so special and high in quality is the beautiful aesthetic and the exclusive design of the microfibre products. Clarino™ is a brand that is able to adapt to any need of the customer.

Whether you’re on a mission to find a specific look or still seeking inspiration, we’re committed to partner with you to bring your vision to life.

Uniform appearance

Being a luxury material “on the roll” the brand promises a uniform and smooth appearance and a consistant high quality. This uniform appearance allows customers to produce a beautiful end product with our material.

Exceptional fineness

Thanks to its exceptional fineness Clarino™ is extremely comfortable to work with and design magnificent pieces. The silky, velvety appearance of the suede types makes it particularly suitable for applications where a luxurious look is required.

Wide colour palette

Suede and nubuck optics can be dyed in almost any colour. The colour palette ranges from soft pastel shades to really bright rainbow colours which will catch everybody’s attention.

Clarino Luxury Microfibres

The high quality and versatility of Clarino products enables us to respond to the specific requirements of our customers with an almost infinite number of design possibilities. This makes our products exceptional and exclusive.

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