Taking Kuraray’s role as a responsible innovator seriously, it was a logical step to develop a man-made leather that focuses on today’s demand for sustainability. With the launch of Tirrenina™, for the first time, an environmentally conscious material does not sacrifice luxury for sustainability.

Tirrenina™ is not only a solvent free product, it is even the world’s first microfibre manufactured entirely without organic solvents. Aiming at minimizing the impact on the environment, we managed to reduce the usage of water by 70% and CO2 emissions by 35%.

This is the next generation of microfibre, an environmentally responsible man-made leather which combines the appearance and texture of natural leather with the superior functionality unique to a non-woven microfibre material.


Terrenina™ Nubuck has been certified with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

7 wonders of Tirrenina™

1: Water-based

Instead of using organic solvents in the manufacturing process, Tirrenina™ is made on a water base in order to reduce pollution and create a “green” product.

2: Low PU content

In line with the focus on sustainability, the PU used in Tirrenina™ man-made leather is reduced to a minimum.

3: Environmentally friendly

With the innovative manufacturing process, we manage to reduce the usage of water by 70% and CO2 emissions by 35%.

4: Superior physical properties

Tirrenina™ is characterized by an excellent bonding and tear strength as well as a low and even elongation making it suitable for the most demanding applications.

5: Washable

A unique advantage is that Tirrenina™ can be put in a washing machine as a delicate fabric using the appropriate detergent at up to 30° C.

If the washability has been restricted, for example, by a lining that cannot be washed, then dry cleaning will give the best results as well.

6: Heat resistance and mouldability

As Tirrenina™ is mainly composed of polyester (PES), it has an improved heat resistance which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications where high temperature is applied, such as moulding.

7: Brightest colour range

Suede and nubuck optics can be dyed in almost any colour. The colour palette ranges from soft pastel shades to really bright rainbow colours which will catch everybody’s attention.

The following Tirrenina™ qualities are part of our stock service: