About Clarino™ Crust

When Japanese innovation with high-quality new materials meets with Italian creativity.

Clarino™ Crust is a high-tech, non-solvent microfibre that is made using cutting edge technology. It enables a material to be produced that looks and feels like natural leather, has a high respect for the environment and which pushes the boundaries of creativity. This is a perfect mix of style, sustainability and manufacturing efficiency.

Clarino™ Crust is the only non-solvent, non-woven material comprised of such fine microfibres whose structure and density, when analyzed under the microscope, show an incredible likeness to genuine leather. Thanks to its atomic structure it can be treated with traditional finishing used by tanneries.

The distinctive composition and structure mean that Clarino™ Crust can be finished using roll coating, embossing and spray finishing just like genuine leather. Products finished with Clarino™ Crust therefore feel and appear like natural leather, yet perform as a man-made leather with superior technical characteristics. These include: considerably improved yields, unsurpassed consistency in quality and a handle to attract the most sophisticated design requirements.

7 wonders of Clarino Crust™

1: "Ecolution"

It’s the green approach central to Kuraray’s basic philosophy to develop sustainable products. Clarino™ Crust does not contain hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals or banned dyestuffs. With the innovative manufacturing process, we manage to reduce the usage of water by 70% und CO2 emissions by 35%.

2: No organic solvents

Instead of using organic solvents in the manufacturing process, Clarino™ Crust is made using a state-of-the-art, water-based production process which makes it unique worldwide.

3: Low PU content

Going in line with the focus on sustainability, the PU content used in Clarino™ Crust man-made leather is reduced to a minimum.

4: Original Tuscan tannery treatment

Clarino™ Crust is the world’s first microfibre non-woven having a structure so similar to genuine leather that it can be finished by means of traditional tannery methods, such as roll coating, embossing and spray finishing.

5: Customized products

Both standard and customized grains as well as an extensive colour range combined with diverse visual effects invite for limitless creativity.

6: Superior physical properties

Even though Clarino™ Crust offers the same possibilities for treatment like genuine leather, it even exceeds particular properties, such as tear resistance and dimensional stability.

7: Consistent quality

Our certified quality control system guarantees for consistency and highest quality. Being a man-made leather produced “on a roll”, our products promise highest yields, uniform appearance and texture.

Clarino™ Crust products:

  • Clarino™ Crust Leather Textures
  • Clarino™ Crust Precious
  • Clarino™ Crust Fantasy Lives
  • Clarino™ Crust Dazzle Ride
  • Clarino™ Crust Verniss Matt
  • Clarino™ Crust Verniss Glossy
  • Clarino™ Crust Velbuck

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