Maintenance and care

amaretta™ is a winner because of its superior and unbelievably simple care properties.

Please note carefully the instructions of the manufacturer as well.

It is important to immediately remove any spots and dirt from contact so as to preserve the beauty and exclusivity of the material.

amaretta™ has a velvety, roughened surface from which dyestuff can be rubbed off. As such, black or dark-coloured clothing, for example, could stain other fabrics or light-coloured fabrics on seats.

Delicate fabrics cycle, max. 30° C

Do not bleach

Low iron, 100°C without steam, from backside; use ironing cloth

Chemical dry cleaning

Do not dry in a tumble dryer

amaretta™ can be washed by hand or in a machine using the delicate fabrics cycle up to a maximum of 30° C. There may be differing recommendations for washing due to all the possible combinations with various kinds of materials, linings or padding. In such cases you should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer. We recommend a pH-neutral detergent for delicate fabrics for use when washing. Never apply detergent directly onto amaretta™. Always wash amaretta™ clothing separately.

Hang up to drip-dry. Pull the seams smooth. Do not dry in a tumble dryer. Spin-drying: Only use a short spin cycle. Do not spin the item completely dry.

If necessary, brush out gently with a brush for fluff and lint after washing. Never use a brush with metal bristles.