About Clarino™

Kuraray was the world’s first producer of manmade microfibres on an industrial scale.

Under the umbrella brand name Clarino™ Kuraray processes and sells the world`s finest man-made leather specialities for various highly innovative fields. For both fashion and technical applications Clarino™ is the inspiring and efficient alternative to genuine leather that delivers highest performance and variety.

Items of the amaretta™, Tirrenina™ and Clarino™ Crust collections are used in garments, accessories, bags, shoes, sporting goods and furnishing, to mention just a few of the many possible applications.

The high-end manufacturing process allows for improved yields and unsurpassed consistency in quality. Thanks to its very fine structures it can be treated with traditional finishing methods used by tanneries.

Unique and exclusive surface structures can be created thanks to various finishes and treatments. Clarino™ products can be stamped, perforated, embossed, printed, laminated and dyed in almost any colour. Clarino™ fabrics are produced without fluorinated hydrocarbons and do not contain any environmentally harmful additives.

Discover Clarino's™ brands for beauty and functionality: