Luxury. Microfibre. Versatility. Innovation. Sustainability. Comfort. Quality. Light- Weight. Colourful

These keywords only begin to describe Clarino™. But what is Clarino™?

Since its establishment in 1926, the Japanese company Kuraray Co., Ltd. has been a global leader in the synthetic fibre industry. The company’s pioneering spirit has been evident over the past centuries as Kuraray has constantly explored new business opportunities that continue to help improve the quality of life while protecting the environment till this day.

Clarino™, a division of Kuraray is a global player in the manufacture of non-woven microfibre material, and continues to be an innovator in the production and development of luxury microfibres.

Under the umbrella brand name Clarino™, Kuraray processes the world’s finest microsuede specialties. The different items of the nylon, polyester and sustainable collections are used in various applications such as garments, furniture, shoes, accessories, bags and consumer electronics.

Not only are Clarino™ products elegant, versatile and soft to the touch, they are also really easy to care for.

Due to its versatility Clarino™ offers countless possibilities for product customisation. Thanks to its exceptionally fine structures, the luxury microfibre can be finished using traditional tannery methods. Clarino™ microfibre is characterized by being light-weight and highly durable at the same time. It can be stamped, perforated, embossed, printed, laminated and dyed in almost any color. Clarino™ sets no limits to creativity.

Clarino Sneaker Kuraray

Clarino™ is much more than a brand: Our company’s mission is to take part in creating a better and greener world beyond next season. Values that are more important than ever.

Stay tuned to learn more about Clarino, its numerous applications and the brand’s approach to sustainability.

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