Over the past few years, consumers have become more and more aware of the harmful effects that fashion has on the environment. For example, the global textile and clothing industry is responsible for the consumption of billions of cubic metres of water, millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions and millions of tonnes of waste per year. This realization has led to a significant change in the buying habits of end customers and their demands on the fashion industry. In this context the luxury fashion market has decided to make sustainability a priority. Last summer, 32 companies, including companies from the fast fashion and luxury fashion sectors, met and signed a fashion pact, which promises to combat greenhouse gases and emphasizes sustainability in this industry. Among the companies in the Fashion Pact are Adidas, Burberry, Hermes, the Kering Group and Stella McCartney and many more.

This step in a new direction also means that the members of the supply chain must adapt their offers to the new wishes and requirements of the market. The Clarino™ business of Kuraray Co., Ltd was perfectly positioned to support the market with its’ expanding range of greener products. For several years, Clarino has made it their mission to develop products that meet the requests for more sustainable raw materials and play their part in helping save the planet.

For the Clarino™ business, the change started more than a decade ago. From 2008, the first step towards sustainability was taken when Kuraray developed and commissioned a new CATS (Clarino Advanced Technology System) plant for the waterborne production of manmade, nonwoven microfibres. Tirrenina, the world’s first microfibre manufactured entirely without organic solvents, was launched in 2009, making Clarino™ a pioneer in this field. With the aim of minimizing the impact on the environment, Clarino has succeeded in reducing water consumption by 70% and CO2 emissions by 35%. The CATS plant is also used to manufacture our waterborne products Clarino™ Suede and Clarino™ Crust, which are part of the green approach that is at the heart of Kuraray’s basic philosophy of developing products through “responsible innovation”.

Now, in 2021, Clarino™ is committed to provide the world a microfibre manufacturing process, which is even cleaner, safer and greener. Since sustainability is the new normal in our society and not a trend, we asked ourselves the question: how green do you want it? The answer might be “it cannot be green enough!”.

Our mission is to produce durable, high quality products that go hand in hand with the understanding of sustainability. Clarino™ wants to abolish wasteful practices and toxic materials and protect our workers and the environment. Therefore, we strive to offer the market sustainable alternatives with innovative design. This year, we are launching our new recycled nylon, which is just the beginning of a wide range of sustainable products. Although development and production cycles are becoming faster, we are the first to produce a highly exclusive material based on 100% recycled nylon fibre.

Closely following the introduction of our recycled nylon range, we are not only taking the next step towards a greener future for Clarino™, we are already in the development stage of more green products to meet the demands of the market and our customers. The next phase for 2021 and 2022 includes the launch of a range of suede and coated products (water-based of course!) using the optimal blend of post-consumer recycled polyester fibres. Beyond this, we will move in the direction of using several bio-based raw materials.

With our numerous production sites in key locations across the world, it is possible for us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. Whilst embracing the increasing importance of sustainable products, we continue to place great emphasis on maintaining our core values of quality, creativity and versatility. Our mission is to do our part in creating a better world beyond next season, which means more authenticity, transparency and communication. Values that are more important than ever.


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