Sporting goods (horse riding breeches, helmets, balls etc.)

Clarino™ is used in many areas of sports. One popular application is horse riding breeches which have the highest demands for quality. Due to the superior combination of softness, light weight, breathability and comfort Clarino™ products meet these demands. Plus, durability and longevity complete the set of important criteria for the equestrian market.

The following Clarino™ stock service items will inspire you and your customers searching for high quality horse riding pants:

Various sport balls present another application field. Kuraray has been working with popular international sport brands for many years and has continuously gained experience in manufacturing materials for volleyballs, soccer balls and basket balls at the highest level. Characterized by superior durability, excellent modulus of elasticity, high abrasion resistance as well as enhanced absorption of moisture, Clarino™ ball items withstand the strenuous demands of professional sports.

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