Clarino™ has excellent dimensional stability. It is easier to mould than other textiles or genuine leather, and precise cutting is possible.

Clarino™ can add texture and a luxurious feel to plastic and metal parts, therefore it can be used for a wide range of products such as accessories and electronic devices. Since Clarino™ can be very thin while maintaining the appearance and feel similar to genuine leather it is an excellent choice for moulding.

The very flexible mouldability of Clarino™ means it is suitable for three dimensional shapes, which can be achieved by using different moulding processes. Processes like insert moulding or heat pressing can be used on devices such as smartphones or cameras since our man-made leather has a highly durable and reliable quality.

Moreover, an extraordinary wide colour palette, numerous surface patterns and the option to customize both make Clarino™ the choice of several high-end brands.

The following Clarino™ stock service item will inspire you and your customers searching for high quality moulding applications:

Clarino™ has developed a broad portfolio of man-made leathers specifically designed for moulding applications.

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