Consumer electronics and smartphone decoration

Clarino™ is the only microfibre that manages to successfully cover the full range between finest suede appearance and colourful coated surface patterns. To impress different target groups at the same time and to satisfy their demand for highly innovative and personalized gadgets, it is crucial to use a decorative material which is as diverse as the intended end product.

Thanks to its unsurpassed durability it does not tear and become brittle, thus offering longevity and a high-quality product. Clarino™ is the choice of many high-end brands for consumer electronics.

The silky, velvety touch of Clarino™ suede items used for electronic goods gives an elegant look and makes it most suitable for applications where a precious appearance is required.

Numerous surface structures offer both a leather-like look and feel or avant-garde appearance with metallic effects, stylish prints or modern embossing patterns.

Clarino™ has developed a broad portfolio of man-made leathers specifically designed for consumer electronics.

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